Designing of websites and other softwares is done by blending together the latest technical innovations. Accudata is a leading web solution provider in our country. We give high end web site development to our clients. We provide services to big and small businesses. We see to the success of your online enterprise.

Websites can be of two types:

Static sitesĀ 

It is one of the simplest form of website. It doesn’t involve server side processing. For broshure building and that which contain graphics and animations and javascript features this type of static website is made use of.

Dynamic sites

Will have a datatypes where all the detailed records get stored. It will also have many web pages and links connecting various pages. Updating and managing of these websites have to be done. SEO is more complex to implement in these dynamic websites. Website contents and graphics need to be changed and updated to increase the rate of people visiting your site. Visitors will not be coming back if the same web site pages is shown again and again.

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